Press release – 2015/02/24

A team of about twenty volunteers has been working for over a year on La Remise, a start-up Solidarity Cooperative that wishes to lend a wide range of tools to its members (renovation, cooking, gardening. etc.), alongside a workspace to create larger projects, and training courses about various skills and topics. Tools libraries are already a very successful movement in many North American cities, and are part of an increasing number of initiatives in the field of the Sharing Economy.

Photo des bénévoles au lancement de la campagne de sociofinancement

Our voluteers at the crowdfunding campaign launch party

On February 13th,  we held an event to celebrate the launch of our crowdfunding campaign, and had the pleasure of having almost 200 people come and give their support to the project. Since then, the campaign has been doing exceptionally well.  To open this spring, La Remise has to collect $22 000 before March 14th  (all the campaign’s details are on Indiegogo: : With more than half of our goal reached in just a week, the future looks bright, but all isn’t won yet. La Remise needs the support of all the Montrealers to become reality and fulfill its mission!

You want to know more about this wonderful project? One of the funding members of La Remise would be happy to meet you for an interview. Let us know your interest and we will organize a meeting with one of these ordinary citizens who have chosen to commit themselves in an extraordinary way for their community!

To learn more about La Remise and to follow our crowdfunding campaign, go to : or


In the name of La Remise’s team, thank you for your interest!


Alain-Napoléon Moffat – Public Relation- 514-248-1744 –

Nadine Pineault – Volunteer – 514-912-2356 –